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Feather lashes style "Teaser"

Feather lashes style "Teaser"

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Seductive feather lashes style "Teaser", black


Seductive feather lashes style "Teaser", black

 "Teaser" is a particularly exciting and flamboyant style. The feather eyelashes give you an irresistible batting of eyes!

ATTENTION! There is no adhesive included! If you need glue please order it separately.

Eyelash glue like the pros - step by step

Long, thick eyelashes are a real eye-catcher. They give a seductive glances with more expressiveness and depth, making smoky eyes even more bold and conjure unforgettable magic eyes. The application of artificial eyelashes requires some know how and practice- we'll show you how it's done!

This is what you will need:


  • artifical Eyelashes
  • eyelash glue
  • eyelash Curler
  • tweezers
  • a cut cotton swabs
  • black Mascara
  • scissors


Step 1: Apply Eye Make Up & Lashes form


First you put on your desired eye makeup. You can also already use an eyeliner. Then you bring your non-mascara eyelashes into form with an eyelash curler. If you want you can put mascara on your own lashes already. This has the advantage that you do not have to put mascara on artificial eyelashes later on. So your artificial eyelashes stay beautiful.



Step 2: Prepare the lashes strips


Pick up the artificial lashes with tweezers carefully from the container. Make sure to grab only the lash line and from the outside to avoid damage to any individual lashes, feathers or rhinestones. Hold the eyelash band temporarily to your eye and shorten the strip, where appropriate, with a pair of scissors to the desired length. Bend the lashes band several times into a U shape to make it flexible and put it into in shape. Now apply a thin layer of eyelash glue along the lash line. Make sure that no glue runs into the lashes. Choosing a good professional eyelash adhesive eases application enormously and ensures that the lashes survive through every party. Let the glue dry for about 30-50 seconds.



Step 3: Glue artificial eyelashes

So you do not have to apply the eyelashes cumbersome and inaccurately with your fingers, you can create an accurate tool from a cotton swab. Simply cut off one of the padded ends of the swab so that all that remains is the thin plastic style. This is the ideal assistant! With this tool you now you position the eyelash band roughly in the middle of the loosely closed eyelid, close to the edge of your own natural lashes. The outer, fuller edge of the false eyelashes should extend a few millimeters above the natural end of your lashes. Go patiently about this task and allow yourself several attempts if necessary, because this step is definitely the trickiest and requires some practice. If the lash band is positioned correctly, press it firmly with the cotton swab. After about 2-3 minutes the eyelash glue has dried and you can proceed to the next step.


Schritt 4: Eyeliner, Maskara & Kajal


Are you satisfied with the result? Great! Then you can give your eye makeup a final touch now. Correct your eye shadow and eyeliner if necessary. Especially with black eyelashes you have to use an eyeliner because not only does it provides a more expressive look, but it also conceals possible small irregularities on the lash line. Draw the line on the outer corner of the eye slightly upward so that ends with a stroke. Emphasize the lower eyelid with an eyeliner and blur the contours gently with a cotton swab to make them appear softer ... and now your mega lashes look is perfect!


Step 5: Make-up removal, care and storage of the eyelashes


Our eyelashes strips are of course reusable. How often depends primarily on how you take care of them. You can remove lashes before make-up removal by simply pulling them off from the outside to the inside. If you are sensitive at the eye, put some makeup remover on a cotton pad and press it against the eye for a few seconds, to dissolve the eyelash glue. Residues from the eyelash glue can be easily removed with your fingers or tweezers. If you have put mascara on your eyelashes bands, clean them thoroughly with makeup remover or alcohol. Keep the cleaned eyelashes dustproof in the eyelashes container.

approx. 2-3 working days