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Elegant venetian mask "Guoricino"

Elegant venetian mask "Guoricino"

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Elegant venetian mask "Guoricino"


A mask surrounds you with a touch of mystery, makes you just as unapproachable as attractive and gives you a certain sense of anonymity.


Slightly slanted cat eyes and a crafted heart-shaped forehead give the mask "Guoricino" its unmistakable appearance. Beautifully peaking vines and ornaments complement the style and give the wearer an aura of a dark goddess.

Color: black

Material: lacquered metal (nickel-free), satin ribbon

Size: ladies / onesize

Made in Italy

The high-quality Venetian Masks provide a perfect fit and comfortable feel. By slightly bending the fine metal masks they perfectly fit almost any shape of face. The mask is fastened in the back. Bring the satin tie along the temples of the head to the back and tie a loop.

That's enough to hold the mask securely in place. If desired, you can fix the bands additionally with hairpins. The lightweight shape and the perforated material provide optimal comfort , so that you can wear the mask a party night long without transpiring or feeling constricted beneath it.



ca. 2-3 Wochen