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Precious burlesque pasties with rhinestone edging "Noblesse", black

Precious burlesque pasties with rhinestone edging "Noblesse", black

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Precious burlesque pasties with rhinestone edging "Noblesse", black


Pure elegance with the extra glam factor is just your style? Then our "Noblesse" nipple pasties are made ??for you. The elegant, tone in tone decorated satin pasties are worked with fine lace trimmings and satin bows with tassels.Opulent sparkling rhinestone coverings sets accents.

Each of these small pieces of jewelry is handcrafted with loving care. For extra skin comfort + easy care the inside of the Pasties is fitted with artificial leather. Like all of our pasties these come in a pretty gift box to you! come in a pretty gift box to you!

Color: black

Materials: satin, satin bows, tassels, rhinestones, lace border

Dimensions: diameter about 5,5cm without / 9cm with lace border

Our pasties come equipped with Body Tape to you, so that you can try them on right away. Of course the pasties can be used again and again. To attach them you can use fashion or body tape. These are double-sided adhesive tapes which are particularly skin-friendly and adhere well. If you want to wear the pasties at parties or for Burlesque performances, we recommend Spirit Gum (Mastix) for attachment, because it provides perfect adhesion! Attach tape or Mastix to the adges the pasties, so that they adhere perfectly to the skin and do not stick out sideways. Now you can attach the pasties - preferrably in front of a mirror so that pasties sitting are both at the same height. It look particularly advantageous when you position the pasties a little higher, so they are not directly centered over your nipples. Press them on firmly and when using Mastix even a little longer until the glue and sticks and then: SHOWTIME! !

approx. 2-3 working days

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